Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our first remodel: The bedroom

It has been a very long time since we updated, but we can catch you up in a few words: unpacking, school, work, life, cats. (We will try to catch you up with more details as we go along, promise!) When the school year ended, the itch hit us to start our first remodel and we chose the bedroom. Remember this place:

Well, Lib (the seller) moved her stuff out. The cats moved in and let us come, too. Since about the end of February our bedroom has looked like this:

Why did we choose the bedroom to remodel first? Here are our top reasons: the wallpaper, the birds on the wallpaper, going to bed seeing the wallpaper before the lights go out, and waking up seeing the wallpaper first thing in the morning.

We pulled out a tape measure to measure the walls, doors, and windows in the room. We read online articles and books about removing wallpaper (thank God for We dreamed and debated what to do with the blank canvas that would be our bedroom. What did we decide? Well, we guess you will just have to come back and read the next entry!! We will try to update every day that we work, at least. Let the project begin!!!

Here are the rest of the before pictures:

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