Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A walk through of House #2 with the parents

Twas the Friday before Christmas and we got both sets of parents together to see House #2. Join us on a walk through.

This is the living room that you enter through the front door (to the right). There is a nice coat closet and to the left leads you to the kitchen. Note the wallpaper.

This is the kitchen (duh). To the left is the living room that you just saw, behind you are the stairs up to the bedrooms, and to the right are the stairs that lead to the den. The refrigerator and stove are fairly new; the dishwasher is not so fairly new. All appliances would stay.

This is the master bedroom. Note the wallpaper; you may not see it when you come visit. Yes, those are hardwood floors. There are two closets and the owner said the wife gets the bigger one.

This is the upstairs bathroom. It is connected to the master bedroom and the hallway. It is divided into two parts so that one person can be in the shower and the other can be in the other part (not pictured) brushing their teeth.

This is the smaller of the two bedrooms. It has only the one window. Once again, hardwood floors.
This is the other bedroom. It is a little bigger and has two windows. Both of these bedrooms have a closet.
This is the den. There is the one door pictured and there is another door behind you to the left about half way down the stairs from the kitchen (almost like a split entrance except in the back of the house). The floor is linoleum that has seen better days but is still usable. There is a large storage closet behind you to the right.

To the right of the den is a short hall, which leads to this "extra bedroom." The owner said it used to be an office.

This bathroom is also off of that hallway. It is where you find the laundry. The last room off of that hallway is the crawl space, which will be carefully guarded if we move here, lest we lose a cat.

Upon finishing our tour and dragging our mothers away from the sweet owner lady, we all headed out to Bob Evans for dinner and discussion. Here is a summary of the conversation.

Jason's mom: I love it!! How exciting!! I'll mow the lawn!

Jason's dad: Well, you need to change the fuse box to a circuit breaker. I mean, we used to stick a penny in there but you might not have a house. I think you'll be happier with circuits.

Nancy's dad: I didn't see anything that was a deal breaker. I'm not too thrilled about the dryer vent leading into the crawl space with no external outlet.

Nancy's mom: It's nice. I'm happy for you.

Eric: Did you notice how I got these forks to balance on the salt shaker with only two toothpicks?

With that, we left the fork trick for the waiter and bid the parents good bye. Ya' know, all those times as a teen when we didn't want their advice but they were just brimming with how life should be...that would have been really helpful right about now. I guess since we are grown ups now we have to make our own decisions.

Next time: Our final catch up post! Then after that you will get live up to the date information. That is until we find a place and have to pack and set up new utilities. Can't moving just happen by magic or a miracle or something??!!

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