Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coached on Long View

Yes, we are a little behind in updating but as usual life happens and then Christmas is here. So, we will catch you up in a few installments over the next while.

Househunting Chapter 2

One of the best ways to learn about an area is to talk to someone who lives there. Luckily, Jason's partner in broadcasting Hickory High is a native of the area and has lived in Long View for quite a few years. When Jason mentioned that we were looking at moving to that area, he said, "I live out that way. Give me a call and I'll show you around." After seeing our first set of houses, the next weekend we decided to take him up on his offer.

Now before we continue, let's paint the picture by having Jason share a little bit more about Coach.

David Elder was born and raised in neighboring Alexander County. He went to Lenoir-Rhyne and played football all four years, then got into education. He was a head coach at a few stops in the late 70's and early 80's, mostly in football before coming to Hickory High School as an assistant in the mid 80's and becoming head football coach in 1994. In 1996, Hickory went an undefeated 16-0, winning the state's 3-A championship and dominating opponents that people still talk about to this day (7 shutouts including the playoffs, scoring 30 or more points in every game, winning a first round playoff game 70-16, their third game with over 70 points that season and winning the state championship game 42-0). Oh yeah, he also coached three girls basketball state championships (1995, 1998, 1999) going 31-1 in 1998 and a perfect 32-0 in 1999.

When he was hired at WHKY in the summer of 2006, I asked him if I should call him David, or how he wanted me to address him. He said that he's been called Coach just about his whole life now, that he wonders if some people actually think his first name is Coach. I usually just call him Coach! He is so popular around town that we have to arrive at the broadcast site at least two hours before game time so that Coach has time to talk to EVERYONE there before we go on the air. At an impressive height of over six feet five and a biscuit short of 300 (according to Coach himself), it is no doubt that he will attain legend status very soon.

His wife, Cindy, is a school teacher and has lived in Long View all her life. In fact, where they live right now is some three to four blocks away from where she was raised. Needless to say they know this area!

Anyways, we called up Coach that Saturday afternoon and asked if we could get a tour of the town. After navigating through the northeast section of Hickory including a driver license check point,we identified his house as the one with the big red pick up. We knew it was gonna be good when he told his wife to come because she knew the area better.

Coach and Jason jumped in the front with Cindy and Nancy in the back (nope, not the pick up fortunately). We had to have gone down most every street in Long View. As you will later read, we can say with confidence now that they did not take us down every street. We can also say that if we had been taking notes, we could tell you where just anybody who is anybody in Long View lives. This includes where they used to live, where they live now, where their kids live, why they moved, and what kind of milk they buy. Here are some of the more classic lines from the adventure through Long View with Coach.

Cindy-"The closer you are to the railroad tracks, the more transient the population is."

Cindy-"Um, you were supposed to turn back there."
Coach-"I'm trying to get to the houses over there. It's just up here."
About two miles later, we turned around and went back to the turn we missed. At least we got to see the rec center, walking track, and runway for the busy Hickory airport. We can say that there are some very impressive views out that way. Jason just isn't so thrilled about the part where things fall out of the sky.

Coach-"If you go to West End Barbeque, they have the best breakfast and an all women staff."

Cindy-"Whoa! Watcha doin? You can't turn on red here!"
Coach-"I knew that. I just don't read the signs."

Seriously, though, they were very helpful in showing us where the Food Lion was, the schools, and what parts of Long View to avoid (as you will later read, we obviously didn't listen too well). We did find a few prospects to look into further. We also had a blast hearing all of the stories and learning about what Long View means to them. We got a really good feeling about moving to the area after our afternoon with them.

Next time: Thanksgiving in Wytheville with Grandpa (we didn't burn anything this year!) and thoughts from the patriarch on homebuying and the houses we have already seen.

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